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The legacy of Sakari Mattila

Sakari Mattila: the legendary boat designer and brand builder who brings an incredibly long and rich marine heritage to Saxdor Yachts. 
A man who has always shunned the limelight, Sakari is, for people in the know, famous for not being famous, having never given a single interview in his illustrious thirty-year career.  One might find that almost incomprehensible in today’s world of instant news, mobile phones, and information overload. However, it starts to make more sense when you realise that Sakari was the original founder and designer behind global boat brands such as Axopar, XO Boats, Paragon, and Aquador. Clearly then, Sakari is a man that’s comfortable with letting his work do the talking for him, and with all of his previous ventures quickly becoming multi-award winning brands, it’s easy to see why.
Since bursting onto the adventure boat scene in 2020, Saxdor has already become a compelling alternative to Axopar. With a quest to create the world’s most versatile, high performance-oriented adventure boats at incredible prices, it is unsurprising to discover that Saxdor has already been hailed as the most exciting brand to hit the market in years, with a multitude of awards and accolades already won around the world.
One might be forgiven for concluding that designing the world’s most exciting adventure boat brand was an integral part of Sakari’s cunning plan all along – an evolution of award winning design 30 years in the making. But with his continuing habit of keeping out of the limelight, he once again seems content for others to be the judge of that.




Aquador Yachts is founded:

– Mattila founds Aquador Yachts in 1994 and wins 2 awards during his time there



Founds Paragon Yachts:

– Mattila founds Paragon Yachts in 2003



XO Boats is founded:

– Together with Erkki Talvela, Mattila founds XO boats in 2008



The Axopar project commences:

– Mattila starts the Axopar project in co-operation with Josef Wizsniewski, the owner and founder of the Slepsk shipyard

– Sakari innovates the new concept and design of Axopar



Axopar is founded:

– Sakari Mattila alone founded Axopar in March 2014. 3 other shareholders join 9 months later

– The first Axopar 28 is launched in February 2014



Sakari proves his credentials with Axopar success:

– After launching the brand 5 years earlier Mattila’s designs are awarded over 11 international awards

– 2016, Axopar 28 T-Top won the European Power Boat of the Year




Saxdor Yachts is founded as a Axopar alternative:

– The Saxdor 200 is the first boat conceived to go into production

– The name comes from the last and the first boat brand: S = Sakari, AX = AXopar, DOR = AquaDOR



Launch Saxdor with the award winning Saxdor 200:

– WINNER Best of Boats 2020

– WINNER Innovation Award 2020, Hiswa, Holland

– FINALIST Motorboat of the Year 2021 ”Highly




Award winning Saxdor 200:

– WINNER European powerboat of the year

Saxdor 320 range hits the market:

– The production of Saxdor 320 range starts

– Saxdor cements it’s reputation as an Axopar




Saxdor and XO Boats are available exclusively through The Adventure Boat Company in Australia and New Zealand

Our adventure boat brands

At The Adventure Boat Company, we provide you with engineering insights and technical knowledge to help you decide which brand is the best for your needs.

XO Boats

With it’s all-weather, military grade heavy duty hull it’s the best boat for rough seas, scuba diving and much more. The name “XO” was based on a three dimensional coordinate system. The X representing one of the axis and O is represented as the origin. This system was the foundation of the design.


“The concept behind Saxdor Yachts is to make the next generation of affordable boats. These are premium craft with modern styling and an affordable price that are fitted with the latest technology.

The 20ft Scooter revolutionises small personal watercraft by being a multipurpose boat that refuses to compromise with sexy design language and strong performance at a sensible price.” Read the full press release here – Sakari Mattila, founder of Saxdor 



Saxdor 200

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