Luxury power boats at unbeatable prices

The Adventure Boat Company are a dealer of luxury power boats operating in Australia and are proud to introduce Saxdor Yachts and XO Boats to the Australian market.

Revolutionary boats and cutting edge European design, in addition to, exhilarating performance and luxurious onboard facilities and the ability to explore places others can only dream of but with an investment that everyone can afford.

These are the defining values of The Adventure Boat Company, and they are delivered through a growing national network of dedicated offices  and unparalleled on-water facilities. Additionally, we have a team of incredibly passionate staff with deep industry experience and an overwhelming desire to go the extra mile because our mission is to enable life-changing adventures for all our customers.

​Finland. Because it’s the heart of European marine innovation and the highest level of boat ownership in the world. Moreover, it is home to Saxdor Yachts and XO Boats. Two revolutionary brands that deliver on every boats owner’s aspirations and are exclusively delivered only by The Adventure Boat Company.

Saxdor Yachts chilled lifestyle-evening

You need an incredibly versatile, luxurious and family friendly boat that allows you to relax and entertain but still have the capability to reach places others can only dream of. Explore our range of boats that are designed to create incredible adventures that the entire family can enjoy!

XO boats for extreme conditions

You’re active and adventurous, and you want a boat that will create amazing experiences and stories on every journey in any weather and in any conditions. Explore our range of power boats that are designed to head out of port as others are heading in!

Our Power Boats

At The Adventure Boat Company we are the exclusive dealers for incredible boat brands that represent the newest and most exciting range of luxury power boats to hit Australian shores in years. However, we like to think our customer values go much deeper. Because whatever your adventure lifestyle looks like, above all, our enduring mission is to deliver amazing experiences . . . in spades.

We offer the ability to create incredible new stories in boats that re-write the rule book combined with the opportunity to create unforgettable and everlasting memories with family and friends. In addition, our boats that take you to places most others cannot reach, in style and luxury you can afford. Above all, we want our customers to look back and say “Didn’t we have some amazing times together”. As the exclusive supplier of two luxury European power boat brands, we’ve got the boat for you, whatever your adventure lifestyle looks like.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy at The Adventure Boat Company is dedicated to building individual relationships with all of our customers and we do this through the provision of exceptional on-water offices and marina facilities. Additionally, our professional, highly experienced, and passionate team run a program of our exclusive events. This includes new model launches, exclusive test drive weekends, on water social events that bring like-minded owners together to share their passion for boats and adventure. Additionally, we host regular ‘Sundowner’ events at our marina which provide an informal, relaxed, and informative environment so that you can keep abreast of developments in the boating world.

Therefore, our role doesn’t end the day you pick up one of our incredible boats. In fact, our mission has only just begun, and all our customers can rely on our commitment to deliver on our promise.”

  • Up to 6 person capacity
  • Mercury 100hp – 175hp engine
  • 3+3 year Mercury engine warranty
  • 5.94m (length) x 2.29m (beam)


  • Up to 7 person capacity
  • Mercury 250hp or 300hp outboard
  • 3+3 year Mercury engine warranty
  • 7.76m (length) x 2.28m (beam)


Saxdor 320

Saxdor 320

  • Up to 9 person capacity
  • Mercury 300hp – 600hp engine
  • 3+3 year Mercury engine warranty
  • 10.28m (length) x 3.10m (beam)
XO boats


  • Up to 8 person capacity
  • Mercury 250hp, 300hp, 350hp or 400hp outboard available
  • 3+3 year Mercury engine warranty
  • 8.10m (length) x 2.55m (beam)
newest luxury power boat

Saxdor 400

  • Coming in 2022!
  • Join the waitlist







  • Up to 8 person capacity
  • Mercury 250hp or 300hp outboard
  • 3+3 year Mercury engine warranty
  • 7.76m (length) x 2.28m (beam)


Our Luxury Boat Brands

Our award winning boats brands were both founded by legendary boat designer, Sakari Mattila, who is also responsible for bringing other well known brands to market including Axopar, Aquapar and Paragon. And we are proud to be the exclusive dealers for Saxdor Yachts and XO Boats in Australia and New Zealand. In addition, all of our European power boats are designed and tested in Finland. And our manufacturing is  all done in Poland, a country which is renowned for it’s high quality ship building and expertise and trusted by other high quality brands such as Axopar, Sea Ray, Bayliner, Parker, Sunreef and Delphia.

Saxdor Yachts logo
XO Boats


Owning a power boat is about enabling the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of. And with our luxury European power boats, you’re closer than ever. Because the concept behind Saxdor Yachts and XO Boats is simple . . . to provide the next generation of premium power boats, with incredible quality, at a price never before seen in Australia.

In addition, all of our power boats are certified to be the most rigorous standards in the marine industry because providing our customers with ultimate confidence in the capabilities of our boats is critical to us.

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Maintenance & Service

Boat ownership . . . made easy. Because we understand that life can be busy, let us manage the maintenance and service of your boat thus allowing you to maximise your enjoyment of your incredible new boat. Our in-house team have the experience to handle everything on your behalf!

Be the first in your crew to get yours

Join the new generation of adventure boat owners!

When you invest with us, you are joining a community of fellow owners and boating enthusiasts who crave adventure on the water because they love it as much as you do. Our growing community of Saxdor and XO luxury power boat owners can attend our exclusive events and experience the excitement of boating together.

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